Reviews are definitely NOT the primary purpose of this blog. But sometimes we feel so strongly about something we regularly use while out and about that if we think our experience and opinion may be helpful to others, we’ll write a short review. So most of the reviews posted here have something to do with photography gear, hiking gear or clothing/footwear suitable for outdoor adventures. We buy such items based on our own pre-purchase research and we don’t review every item we use.

After we published our first review of Peak Design’s CapturePRO Camera Clip, the company reached out to us and offered us an affiliate link that generates commission income that offsets a portion of our annual blog hosting fees.

On rare occasions, a vendor or manufacturer will send us a product for review. In such cases, we clearly disclose that we did not purchase the product, that we have not been paid for our review, and that all opinions expressed in the review are our own, based on personal experience and results.