Snowshoeing Banff NP – Lake Minnewanka and Stewart Canyon

Below freezing temperatures and slippery conditions make it harder to get out and about at this time of year. But a daily dose of Vitamin N(ature) is one of my priorities, so I make a point of getting out there almost every day. Dressing in layers, taking along in a pair of MICROspikes, NANOspikes or snowshoes and heading out with family or friends are three ways to increase the likelihood of enjoying being outside in mid-winter. Add some fantastic Banff NP scenery to the equation and it’s a guaranteed winner!

Snowshoeing Kananaskis – Chester Lake

Despite no new snow since December 23, there’s plenty of snow in Kananaskis County, so on New Year’s Day we drove south from Canmore along the Smith-Dorrien highway through the scenic Spray Valley to the Chester Lake trailhead parking lot. The Smith-Dorrien is a gravel road, quite narrow as you leave Canmore and then widening…

Trail marker on the Highline Trail

Snowshoeing the Bow Valley – Highline Trail, Canmore

In Canmore for another winter weekend, we headed out to a packed trail along side Three Sisters Creek. Once we crossed the little footbridge, we decided to snowshoe a well-groomed trail rather than continuing along the banks of the creek to the old dam. Within a couple hundred meters, we spotted a bright blue signpost…

Grasses poking up through the snow in the foreground with Mount Rundle in the distance

Short Stretch on Snowshoes

We arrived in Canmore late Friday morning, after driving through blowing snow all the way from Calgary. It kept snowing all day, with accumulations in the +/- 15 cm range, so we shovelled the driveway and sidewalk a few times and the back deck twice. By evening, the snow tapered off to just about nothing,…