30 Days of Nature: Repeat Monthly

Canada’s 30×30 Nature Challenge, organized by the David Suzuki Foundation, runs every year for the month of May. Not that I need a reason for getting outside every day, but I have diligently applied the appropriate hashtags to my month of May nature photos for the past three years, about the same length of time…


Public Transit – West LRT

It’s Monday morning, so back to the work week routine, a good excuse to talk about the third anniversary of the grand opening of the West LRT line which is coming up at the beginning of December. I generally work from home, but head downtown about once/week for meetings and appointments. At the time the…


Swiftly Flow The Days

I noticed earlier this week that countdown calendars are popping up everywhere: 15 days until Black Friday; 42 days before Christmas; 49 days until 2016… As the days, hours, minutes and seconds wind down, the pressure of holiday busy-ness spins up. Add school concerts, recitals, parties, shopping, baking, juggling finances, and other extras to an…


Urban Poling

I had mixed thoughts about urban poling before I gave it a try. The main benefit for someone like me is that using poles while walking significantly UPs the exercise intensity. And while I’m not willing to invest in a pair of urban poles just yet, I am open to the idea.

So how will I finally make my decision? I’m planning to borrow a pair for a few weeks, to see how urban poles fit with my long-standing habit of turning every walk into a photo walk. An extended trial will give me a good feel for how easy it is to keep track of 3 things (2 poles + 1 camera) or whether I’d be happy shifting the focus of my walks away from photography to more of an aerobic exercise.


A Long Road

Five months post injury my physiotherapist finally said, “You’re fired?” I learned some valuable lessons on the long road to recovery from a grade 2 ACL injury, including what keeps me motivated and that I can be fitter than I’ve ever been at age 50+.