Outdoor Adventures


Since hitting publish on our very first blog post back in 2008, things keep shifting:

  • Our initial focus was almost exclusively on geocaching. Over the years that’s shifted to the point that it’s now mostly hiking and biking adventures.
  • For many years, we did most of our hiking in Kananaskis country as a family. Now our favourite area to hike in the Canadian Rockies is Yoho National Park. And since our sons are now young adults, it’s often just two the two of us out on the trail.
  • In the early years of this blog, all of our trips were based out of Calgary. Since late 2010, we’ve also lived part-time in Canmore, so many of our shorter walks and rides are in area around Three Sisters Creek (south of the TransCanada highway at the eastern edge of Canmore).

In addition to hiking and biking, we find adventure in:

  • Gardening – tales of the plants, pollinators and produce we nurture and the pests and pilferers we endure
  • Geocaching – stories of using a GPS receiver to hunt for tupperware in the woods
  • Nature – active transportation, a photo walk or sitting on the back deck are just a few of the options for exploring nearby nature and soaking up a daily dose of Vitamin N
  • Snowshoeing – no further explanation required

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