Book Review: Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies, 7th Edition

We've invested in more than a dozen guide books since we started hiking back in 2003. Several sit on the shelf collecting dust and a few more are pulled out once or twice a year. Two that we refer to on a regular basis were written by Kathy and Craig Copeland. Why is that? Because in addition to providing directions to trailhead parking and a description of the hiking route (including distance, elevation gain and navigation points), the Copeland's freely share their opinion on whether it's worth allocating a precious hiking day to a particular trail. The 7th Edition of "Don't Waste Your Time® in the Canadian Rockies" appeared on bookshelves earlier this year, with updated content presented in a new format: an omnibus opinion book and nine thin fact booklets, all zipped into a hardshell case. Our thoughts on this new format and the updated content...


Book Review: Family Meals by Chef Michael Smith

Canadian chef Michael Smith's most recent cookbook is full of mouth-watering recipes and heart-warming photographs. A strong advocate for real, homemade food and family mealtimes, Michael shares "go to" recipes from his home kitchen - where every member of his family participates in preparing simple, healthy food. These recipes call for fairly basic ingredients and …

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Book Review: Annabel by Kathleen Winter

What a gem! Annabel begins with the birth of an intersex child in Labrador in 1969. The baby's parents decide to raise the child as a boy and Annabel is the story of his life. More significantly for me, Annabel is a tale of relationships: father/son, mother/daughter, husband/wife, land/people, best friends and the relationships between …

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