Photo Blogging Challenge – ‘Tis the Season (December 2016)

Mention the word "season" in the month of December and several possibilities come to mind: 1) the start of ski season, 2) the beginning of winter, 3) Christmas and other holidays, and 4) delicious cooking. In 2016, winter solstice occurred at the tail end of an extended cold snap. Maybe that's why I found the holiday spirit so elusive this year. Even so, my long-standing habit of toting a camera along just about everywhere produced a handful of photos depicting some of my favourite things about the holiday season.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Festive (December 2013)

How appropriate that "festive" was the theme for the month of school concerts; work parties; family parties; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa; giving and receiving; and New Year's Eve! For me, something festive is something that brings joy, invokes the holiday spirit or celebrates the season. Here are some particularly festive moments from our December. 1. Christmas …

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