Photo Blogging Challenge – Colour Makes the World Go Round! (April 2019)

While our planet's daily rotation on its roughly north-south axis and its annual trip around the sun are not brought to you by the colour red (or green, or blue, or any other colour for that matter). But, colour sure has a big influence on our daily loves - our moods, what we eat, how…


Sure Signs of Spring in Calgary

Despite its official arrival almost four weeks ago, signs of spring remain elusive. But for careful observers, there are compelling clues that spring is creeping over the Calgary landscape: fluffy catkins, pale green leaves poking through, patches of open water on Glenmore Reservoir, and prairie crocus blossoms - the most convincing sign of spring!


Nearby Nature – April 2015

There's so much happening outside right now! Leaf buds are swelling, the earliest flowers have blossomed and garden beds have workable soil. The white-tailed jackrabbits are slowly changing colour from white to brown and a wide range of bird song can be heard along our street. Despite being out of town for a couple of…