Blog Identity Crisis

Thanks to the many topics I've introduced over the years, the very nature of "Out and About with the GeoKs" is confusing. With categories ranging from gardening to book reviews, photography to snowshoeing and Lego to hiking, you could say this blog has an identity crisis! On the other hand, you could argue that variety keeps things interesting. What do you think? Should I keep calm and blog on? Or is it time for a major overhaul?


Beyond the Standard Selfie

In the spirit of Austin Kleon's 2014 book "Show Your Work!", I'm happy to share the set-up, process and results of my first efforts to light paint a series of self portraits. If fussing around with a tripod and camera in a dark room isn't your thing, I've also suggested a few websites you might consider using if you want to go beyond the standard selfie. And last but not least, if you haven't yet encountered the amazing self portrait work of Canadian photographer Paul Zizka, be sure to click the link at the end of the post.


NaBloPoMo Noob

November is "the" month for annual writing projects. NaNoWriMo started in 1999. It took me ten years to discover NaBloPoMo, which started in 2006. I impulsively signed up as soon as I finished reading the background page. Read on to learn why I think it'll be good for my blogging habit and which tips and tricks I've lined up to help me make it through 30 consecutive days of posting.


My On-Going Exploration of Public Art

My ongoing exploration of Calgary public art is a relatively new thing, prompted primarily by my stint as a Beakerhead volunteer photographer. I'm finding it's enjoyable, fuels my creative spirit and is helping me discover some of downtown Calgary's hidden gems. When it comes to planning my Wednesday art walks, weather is irrelevant. On bad …

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