Another new cache series

It’s only been a few days since our series along the TransCanada was published, but this morning Cache Effect approved and published another series of geocaches hidden during our July 13 hike in the Arethusa Cirque area. We ended up going with a three micro caches and a regular-sized final for the multi-cache.
The three micros each contain a logsheet and a stanza from a poem we wrote based on Arethusa’s story in Greek mythology. The third micro also contains coordinates for the final cache. The final location holds the last stanza for the poem, the usual hiking/camping type swag we like to put in our mountain caches, and an unactivated geocoin as a First-to-Find prize.
We deliberated whether to make this a four-part multi-cache or four stand alone caches. The fact that the first three hides are micros would favour making it a four-part multi, but having four stand alone caches is more encouragement for geocachers to head out and try hiking in this area, so that’s why we decided on the four separate caches.
This series was inspired by GC574D The Ballad of Tangled Ted, which we found when vacationing in the Sedona, AZ area in April 2007.
Now we’re going to sit back, relax, and watch to see who earns the FTF honours!

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