Quick Look Back at 2008

Our geocaching stats for 2008:
  • found – 989
  • hidden – 39

We exceeded our goal of getting to 2000 finds, ending the year at 2199 cumulative finds, but fell just 11 short of reaching 1000 finds in the year.

In 2008 we also started trading geocoins, finishing out the year with just under 150 trades involving 250 coins. About half of those were for our first personal geocoin, "Highwood Pass". The total minting for our "Highwood Pass" coin was 500 and we finished the year with just under 300 left in our inventory.

We continued to be involved in the Pathtags community, ending the year with 12 designs to our name, about half of which we’re actively trading. Mrs. GeoK looks forward to visiting the Pathtags Forums daily.

We added Colorado and Quebec to our geocaching footprint. We also hosted our second event in the spring and attended our first ever mega-event, "RendezVous Quebec 2008". Another geocaching highlight of the year was rafting down a section of the Bow River, stopping several times to find caches and to help Sears Tower hide some new ones.

All in all, it was a pretty good year for geocaching. Our oldest GeoKid is at the stage where he’s not at all interested in finding caches, but is still supportive about hiding them and remains very interested in geocoins. Youngest GeoKid is strongly influenced by his brother, but can still be persuaded to join the hunt every now and then. For the most part, though, Mom and Dad were the main geocaching force in 2008.

Wonder what 2009 will bring?



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