Spring Vacation – Day 1 (March 27/09)

We finished packing this morning, with time to spare, arriving at the airport more than 2 hours before our scheduled departure to Palm Springs. Checking in with West Jet was painless, but then we stood in line for more than an hour to clear US customs. Many of the passengers on our flight were delayed by this line-up, so we ended up taking off about a half hour late. 

Our flight was a little rough on account of some turbulence shortly after take-off and then, of course, strong winds as we approached Palm Springs. But our pilot clearly flew quicker than usual, as we landed right on time.

National tried to offer us an HHR again, but Mr. GeoK politely declined and we ended up, instead, with a Nissan Altima hybrid. You should have seen us trying to figure out how to start the car and back out of the parking spot!! One of the lot attendants finally took pity on us and gave us a quick overview on how to start (and turn off) a hybrid vehicle. It’s so quiet when running. The only thing we don’t like about it is the audio system, which is quite poor.

Soon after leaving the airport, Mrs. GeoK discovered that her focus on getting everything up and running on the new Asus netbook, she completely forgot to load California maps into the GPSrs, so we had NO GPS navigation to help us find our way to the Residence Inn in Carlsbad. Fortunately, for some unknown reason, she’d printed off driving instructions from google.com so we made the trip without much difficulty.

There are a couple of computers with printers in the lobby of the Residence Inn, so we made good use of google maps. Our first destination was Islands, not far from the Inn. We enjoyed a good meal for just $25, including tip.

Our evening was spent back in our suite, watching the start of the "Sahara" on DVD and enjoying microwave popcorn and some fresh fruit from the lounge in the lobby.

We didn’t do any geocaching today, as we’re accustomed to geocaching with maps in the GPSr. Tomorrow we’ll have to try to do something about that.

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