Spring Vacation – Day 4 (Lego)

9:15 am – FINALLY – we have MAPS!! The file finished downloading in the middle of the night but we couldn’t get it unlocked and ended up on the phone with the software support guys at Garmin for almost an hour. We tried a few different things with eventual success!
We were on the road a few minutes later, headed for Ontario Mills (south LA) to shop at the Lego outlet store. As usual, we found lots of great sets and ended up spending $$$. A couple sets weren’t in stock, so are being shipped to us. As for the rest, we’ll have to figure out how to get them home on the plane!
After a bit of (unsuccessful) shoe shopping for Mr. GeoK and eating our picnic lunch, we were back on the road, headed to Palm Springs by about 1:30, which got us to the Sundance Villas by 2:30. We had no trouble checking in a bit early. As soon as we unloaded the car, the boys were in the pool.
At supper time we headed downtown to California Pizza Kitchen, where K ate almost 2/3 of a regular-sized cheese pizza. Mr. GeoK enjoyed his usual menu choice – spicy Italian sausage pizza. C shared the traditional cheese pizza with K while Mrs. GeoK enjoyed a Cobb salad.
After a quick stop for a (skirtlifter) micro cache we picked up some groceries at Albertsons and then headed back to our rental villa where we settled in to watch “Mr. 3000”. By 9 o’clock the boys were ready for bed and the parental units were horizontal a short while later.

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