Geobiking in Confederation Park

With the World Wide Flash Mob (WWFM) V event coming up in just a couple weeks on May 2, we decided we’d better get out to find a location to host the Calgary location of this 15-minute geocaching event. We’ve had an idea for an "O Canada" theme WWFM event ever since we hosted WWFM III in Calgary last year. Confederation Park, celebrating Canada’s 100th birthday in 1967, is an ideal location for the "O Canada" theme so we headed to the parking area just off 10th Street NW, unloaded our bicycles and then headed out to select a location for the gathering and scout a few potential hiding spots for new geocaches to be published in conjunction with the event.

We made it as far west as 16th Street and as far east as 6th Street, taking full advantage of the pedestrian / bike underpasses at 10th and 14th Streets. The trails were in good shape and the park was quite busy – dog walkers, kids searching for Easter eggs and people out enjoying the sunshine and wishing for spring. Our total bicycling distance was only 5.7 km but it took us more than 90 minutes to cover this short distance, as we kept stopping to check out possible geocache hiding spots and read information plaques. And the Youngest GeoKid, our climber, also had to hop off his bike to climb to the top of one of the pedestrian tunnels.

By the time we loaded the bikes back on the rack and headed off to enjoy a decadent lunch of shakes, burgers and fries at Peter’s Drive In, we had marked the location for the Calgary event on May 2, three potential geocache hiding spots and even found 2 existing geocaches!. Now it’s time to write-up the event page and submit it for review and publication on the Geocaching website. Stay tuned to this blog for updates!

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