Mothers’ Day Ride

With so much rain on Friday and Saturday, we were stuck inside for most of each day and took full advantage of this "puzzle solving" time to work our way through almost two dozen "unknown" type geocaches and, whenever possible, use the "evince" or "geochecker" feature to confirm that our brains were in proper working order.

Mothers’ Day dawned bright and sunny, so we arranged to meet Grandma and Grandpa GeoK at the Bow-Bottom Trail parking area for Fish Creek Park and once again took to the pathways via bicycle.

By the time we finished up our 27 km, which took us as far north as Carburn Park, we’d found 9 geocaches, 6 of them puzzle caches. Unfortunately, we also had to log a couple of DNFs, but at least on one of them we know the container was actually missing and the cache owner replaced the container a short half hour after we left the posted coordinates!

We’d like to shout out a big THANK YOU to bullmoose_rocks, who created 5 of the puzzle caches we found today. Mr. GeoK solved a couple of them and Mrs. GeoK really honed her puzzle solving capabilities on the rest. At this point, we only have one more bullmoose_rocks puzzle to solve for the Calgary area, but I think we may need to go to "logic puzzle boot camp" in order to finish it up!!

One of the highlights of today’s adventure was bird spotting. The GeoKids saw a great horned owl while riding with G&G GeoK. Mrs. GeoK saw this pair of white pelicans in the Bow River…

They were a lovely contrast to this rusted old drive train, which was just a couple hundred meters upstream!

We saw evidence of a couple of grass fires in the park today, too. As we approached one of the puzzle caches we were concerned it might have burned up, as it was right in the middle of a large burned (and now recovering) area. But the lock ‘n’ lock container was in fine shape, so we concluded the fire must have quickly swept past this fallen log which hides the cache…

The trails were crowded today, and there was a light wind blowing from the south, which made our return ride to the parking area quite a challenge. Even so, it took us a scant half hour from Carburn Park to cover the 10 km back to the parking lot where we loaded up our bikes for the drive back home.

We hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers’ Day celebrations as much as Mrs. GeoK enjoyed her geobiking adventure today.

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