Drive Up Caching

As a general rule, we far prefer geohiking or geobiking to drive up caching, but we’ve pretty much found all the traditional and solved puzzle caches in our major urban parks. Combine that with the crazy Calgary weather (snow, sleet, hail and ice pellets all within the past week) and the fact that there’s still lots of snow in the mountains where we prefer to hike and we’ve done quite a bit of drive up caching over the past 10 days.

We’ve hunted caches in every quadrant of the city and our longest walk was on June 3 when we walked about 4.5 km in Bowmont park in the northwest, along the Bow River. We also obtained coordinates for a new earthcache, which was publsihed just a few days later as GC1TEHC – Silt, Slump, Slide. Mrs. GeoK first came up with the idea for this earthcache in the summer of 2007, but we never quite managed to make it back to the right spot to obtain the "on trail" coordinates required by Calgary Parks. For some reason, we decided to make the return visit and submit the earthcache right away, and it turned out to be just the right timing, as another Calgary cacher submitted the same earthcache just after we did.

Mrs. GeoK also got a short walk in this past Monday, as she went after a couple of geocaches along the banks of the Bow River south of the Marquis of Lorne Trail. She enjoyed watching the seagulls flying over the river and was fortunate enough to spot a great white pelican, as well.

Today we went geocaching just south of Calgary, primarily to go after the GC1TF04 – Sudoku Mystery puzzle cache, which also required visiting 5 other caches to get some necessary information. We got lucky and earned 6 FTFs!! We wrote a pretty extensive log entry that you can check out here. We saw a deer, a hawk and a heron during our travels and managed to find 13 geocaches altogether.  

We sure appreciated the FTF prizes – a $5 bill in each geocache – and used it as gas money. Thanks to Takin it Easy for the new cache series and to Bullmoose Rocks for a couple of other fun puzzles in the same area.

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