Geocaching in England – Part 2

After absorbing the sights and signage relating to Roman and Georgian era history, we decided it was time to drive even further back in time, so we picked up a rental car and headed for Avebury, sight of the remnants of the world’s largest prehistoric stone circle. UNESCO lists Avebury, together with Stonehenge and the nearby Silbury Hill as another World Heritage Site.

It was raining hard when we stopped at Silbury Hill, where informative signage explained the history of the mound of mostly chalk, built around 2400 BC, and outlined the consequences of 3 separate attempts to tunnel to the base of the mount. In 2007, a massive restoration effort repaired the site to as close to original condition as possible.

Still adjusting to driving on the "wrong" side of the road, Mr. GeoK drove us a little further along to the Avebury site, which – unfortunately – does not have good signage (at least not that we could see). From some earlier reading (and the associated virtual cache description), we knew Avebury prehistoric stone circle is the largest in the world. The encircling henge consists of a huge bank and ditch 1.3km in circumference, within which 180 local, unshaped standing stones formed the large outer and two smaller inner circles. Having seen countless images of Stonehenge, with its shaped megaliths, we were unprepared for what we saw at Avebury…

We stayed out in the pouring rain just long enough to take a few photos and gather the required information to log GC1B78 Avebury Stone Circle virtual cache and then continued north towards York, experiencing a wide range of secondary and primary highways, including several "M"otorways.

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