CCARS10 Event

The Calgary Cache and Release summer event wrapped up the weekend of August 28/29th, with 33 new caches hidden specifically for CCARS10. Local geocachers also had the opportunity to attend up to four events, beginning with the kick-off (10 a.m. Saturday) and ending with the big finale (noon Sunday). In between, we teamed up with Sears Tower and van der Decken to cache for 7 1/2 hours on Saturday. We enjoyed terrific weather, found 29 of the event hides and travelled almost 200 km before calling it a day…

After meeting up at the kick-off event, we spent a few minutes debating where to start. With so many participants seeking 33 geocaches, it was unlikely we’d earn more than one FTF, so we decided to head for a pair of geocaches in NE Calgary, since they were pretty much isolated from the other new hides for the event and we figured most of the crowd would be headed to higher hide density areas.

As it turned out, we arrived at our target cache about 45 minutes before the official start time for the seeking phase of the event, so we decided to head a bit south and nab a few non-CCARS10 geocaches to pass the time. van der Decken is really good at loading all the caches he’s ever found as POIs in his Garmin Map 60CSx. We had one GPS loaded up with non-CCARS10 geocaches and Sears Tower was lucky he had such well-prepared team members, as we ended up making 3 finds while we added one to our tally and van der Decken only earned smiles of appreciation from his geocaching companions!

We headed back to our first target geocache to wait out the last 15 minutes or so, taking several photos and chatting about where to head next. Luck was on our side, because by 12:03 we had two FTFs, with no other CCARS10 participants in sight!

After nabbing one more FTF, which we were sure would be our last for the day, we headed south to GC2D3E2 Rana Gigantum. As we pulled up at stage 1, gordoner and mrcanoehead224 arrived from the other direction. We all worked together to decipher the final coordinates and enjoyed a shared FTF a short distance further south along the road…

FTF celebration at Rana gigantum

Amazingly, our next stop, further north east of the city limits, resulted in a shared FTF with WAAStech, for our fifth and final shared FTF celebration!! From GC2DX5F Beach front property (which won the Copperhead Road category), we headed to Airdrie for a couple more CCARS10 caches, to pick up one find form CCARS09 (which had to be disabled during last year’s event) and so that Sears Tower could grab some take-out to keep him fueled up for the afternoon.

Heading west, we started the Rainbow Series, placed by rustywa. This amazing series of 6 puzzle caches plus the final was the hands down winner of the Rainbow category. We had a lot of fun solving the creative puzzles during the puzzle-solving and planning phase of the event, which ran from Thursday evening (when the caches were published) through to the start of the seeking phase. The hides were way out in the country and the fields and skies were beautiful..

Looking east from the dirt road we took for the Rainbow Series

Strange coincidence – Sears Tower and Mrs. GeoK had to change batteries at the same time, maybe
because they both have Garmin Colorado units!

After completing the Rainbow Series, we’d found 14 geocaches in just over 2 hours. Unfortunately, our pace dropped precipitously from then on. We found quite a few good caches closer to the center of Calgary and by early evening we were just east of the Stampede grounds, searching for some brass caps and a few more CCARS10 hides. It took a bit of sleuthing to locate an access point for GC2E13P Double Rainbow, All The Way!, but once we succeeded we enjoyed the run down (and up) the stairs and the short walk along the eastern bank of the Elbow River…

Mrs. GeoK on the way to GC2E13P, with the Saddledome and Calgary city center in background

After a couple of more finds in the belt line area a little south of downtown, we begain to work our way back to the location of the kick-off event, so that van der Decken could get back to his cachemobile. We stopped once in NW Calgary, at a location that allowed us to find our final CCARS10 cache for the day along with a couple of other standard hides. The temperature dropped signficantly as evening approached, and dark clouds obliterated the blue skies we’d enjoyed most of the day, so we were glad to be heading for home…

Last stop of the day, as moisture-heavy clouds rolled in and temperatures dropped

GeoKs stayed home Sunday morning, venturing out just in time to join in the fun at the wrap-up event. Sears Tower and van der Decken were more industrious, independently finishing off the last four of the CCARS10 hides before arriving at the final event. 

Congratulations to all the searchers who cleared the board. Thanks very much to the event coordinators and the organizers of the CCARS10 events held over the weekend. And we extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all those local cachers who put in the time, energy and effort to place so many excellent geocaches for the event. We enjoyed searching for them and congratulate everyone for going above and beyond placing typical hides, especially those of you who won the various category awards. 

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