2 month absence = 2000+ emails

We’ve been “dark” for just over 2 months – packing up, moving, living through the last 6 weeks of renovations and finally unpacking! Add the start of school to the mix and it’s been a hectic on the home front since about the middle of August. But the “to do” list we give our contractor every few days is now down to a little under a page, the landscapers are just about done refreshing the yard, most of the packing boxes have been emptied and returned to the moving supply store and we’ve even managed to do a little shopping for new towels and bedspreads!

With less activity on the home front, we finally have a little time for fun – maybe even some geocaching! Job one? I logged on to our geocaching email account today and waited for almost 2300 emails to download to the inbox! I wasn’t expecting we’d average somewhere around 250 emails a week! It took almost two hours to weed through the spam, emails for caches on our “watchlist” and “bookmark” lists, weekly updates from pathtags and Groundspeak, etc. With just under 500 emails remaining, I wonder how long it will take me to read through all the logs for our cache hides, update GSAK with 8 weeks of pocket queries, make note of any cache maintenance issues and otherwise catch up on what’s been happening in our cachiverse? Guess I’ll report back in an hour…or two…or twelve…hopefully before Tuesday?

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