Photo Walk: Riverside Trail, Canmore

Bow River
Only side channels and tributaries of the Bow River are frozen in Canmore. Taken from an island off the Riverside Trail, looking east towards Windy Ridge.
Bow River Valley
The red-barked shrubs add some colour to an otherwise somewhat dreary landscape. Taken on an island off the Riverside Trail, looking west.

After last night’s double serving of homemade crepes topped with pan-fried apples and whipping cream, we headed out for a long walk this morning. The sky was quite overcast when we set out, but we carried our cameras and along with our hopes for more appealing skies to emerge ASAP. Our hopes were realized. So while we were out for about two hours, we stopped so many times to take pictures that we only covered about 6 km (4 miles). Fortunately, there was a fair bit of elevation lost and then re-gained, so we got a decent bit of exercise. These are some of Mrs. GeoKs’ better results.

Sulphur spring outlet near the old mine manager's cabin
The skies were blue over Mount Rundle, but cloud was hanging over the north side of the Bow River Valley near Canmore. Taken near the old mine manager's cabin, with the pond fed by a sulphur spring outlet in the foreground. I liked the play of shadows on the ice.
Unfinished Three Sisters golf course
Piles of dirt on the unfinished Three Sisters golf course provide an interesting foundation for the sweeping clouds early this morning.

A few other tidbits:

Near the end of our walk, we spotted the local elk herd. But with most of them in the trees and very bright sunlight to contend with, we didn’t spend much time trying to photograph the few that were out in the open.

Over the past couple weeks, a good 10 – 15 cm (4 – 6 inches) of snow has fallen in Canmore. So Mrs. GeoK wore a pair of Yaktrax Pro and Mr. GeoK wore a pair of Microspikes. Not once during our walk did Mrs. GeoK think I’m sure glad I wore the Yaktrax today. And there were many times she was thinking I sure wish I’d worn Microspikes today. The snow covered a base layer of ice, and she slipped many times. So we are standing pat on our earlier recommendation of Microspikes.

Three Sisters
Sweeping clouds against a beautiful blue sky over the Three Sisters, Canmore

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