West LRT Grand Opening Celebration and Geocache Hunt

With the wind chill, it was -25 C (-13 F) when I headed out this morning to find a geocache. In keeping with my “don’t start the vehicle just to go find a cache” philosophy, I was determined to walk. Bundled up to the extent that I almost waddled like a penguin, I headed out the door.

Like any good penguin, I kept my primary mission in mind as I took a couple of detours…first to the 69th Street West LRT station to check out the interesting architecture. It was too crowded to get any good shots, so I’ll try again next week, when I take my first ride on the new line into downtown.

Peeking down over the barricade to the loading platform at the 69th Street station.
Peeking down over the barricade to the loading platform at the 69th Street station.

West LRT banner

I walked through the new “Park and Ride” parkade and continued into Ernest Manning High School, where the West LRT grand opening celebration was in full swing – folks lined up for all kinds of freebies, living statues, free hot cocoa and popcorn, a jazz band, etc. I made my way through the crowded space as quickly as possible, ducking in behind a tall and broad-shouldered fellow who very effectively – though unwittingly – served as my personal blocker almost all the way to the end of the hallway, where I made my escape!

69th Street station parkade. Note the solar panels up top.
69th Street station parkade. Note the line of solar panels up top.

Back outside, with the sun breaking through the clouds and enough space to lift my arms from my sides again, I tucked my hands back into my Pocket-warmer equipped, down-filled mitts and headed south along 69th Street.

At one point, I was afraid I’d erred in continuing along 69th Street instead of turning west on Elmont Drive, but I lucked out. The opening in the under-construction barrier wall I spotted a couple of weeks ago was still in place. Ducking through, I had only about 100 meters to go before I began my search for geocache GC3RQ6X Kurio ko Uddah Le Jana.

With the hard-packed snow on the ground, I was afraid it was going to take quite a while, but I got lucky and pulled the good-sized container from the ground on my second try. I struggled a bit more after that, as the lid was hard to pry loose. But patience and care eventually succeeded and I had the logbook in hand. The pen didn’t work – too cold I guess – so it’s a good thing I had a pencil in my pocket. No trades for me today…just signed the logbook and snapped the lid securely back in place. After carefully rehiding the cache so it’s ready and waiting for the next finder, I headed off to take some photos before finally heading for home.

My photo assignment was to practice for the DPS weekly photo challenge – one subject, three shots. In this case, I tried for three different shots that capture the essence of the barrier wall under construction…



Privacy wall under construction

While not bad for using a pocket-sized point and shoot camera, I’m sure I can do better and I have a few more days to prove it. So stay tuned for photo blog post later in the week!

Total walking distance today was just over 6 km (4 mi) and I now know it’s just over 2 km from our home to the nearest west LRT station.

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