The Tortoise and the Hare

This morning, Mr. GeoK and I headed out for a walk. We each carried a camera, a walkie-talkie and some water. I also had one of our GPS receivers. His objective was to photograph steam rising off the river. I had no problem with his goal, but had the additional aim of finding at least one geocache.

We started out by heading down the hill towards the river, hoping to find a safe crossing to Mantracker Island. Unfortunately, after last spring’s flooding, all the crossings we knew about seem to have washed away. In any event, with slightly warmer temperatures today than over the past few days, there was no steam rising off the river. So we settled for photographing ice…

Mr. GeoK photographs ice crystals along the Bow River

Mr. GeoK photographs ice formations along the Bow River with Grotto Mountain in the background

Up to this point, we’d been somewhat meandering along, stopping to take photographs whenever something caught our attention. But after we reached the meadow just east of Prospect Heights, I started to focus on the geocache. At this point, we left the paved pathway and headed along an old coal mining path. And we got a little more of a workout than we bargained for…as best I could tell from the tracks along the trail, only one person had walked this way since the last snowfall, although several deer and elk had travelled along the sheltered route. I led the way…

Mrs. GeoK walking along the old mining trail

We paused a few times to photograph an old mine building and some mining artifacts. When we reached the end of this trail, it was time to gain some elevation and start heading towards the geocache. Mr. Geok led the way up the hill, setting a quick pace…perhaps too quick. Because once we reached the Three Sisters Parkway, I soon took the lead (although the fact that I had the GPS might have been a factor).

With about 750 meters to go (as the eagle flies), we had a little more elevation to gain and then a fairly level run to the west. I continued to put on speed, reaching the posted coordinates and locating the cache. I waved at Mr. GeoK, who was waiting on the main trail about 50 meters away, as I signed the log and then waved at him to start walking home while I replaced the container.

I was pretty quick to overtake him and waited a few times along the way for him to catch up. But in the end, it was the tortoise who reached home first, as the hare kept stopping to take “just one more picture”!

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