First Taste of The Big Taste YYC

The saying “better late than never” evolved from a line in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, penned all the way back in 1386. The fact that I’m able to say “better late than never” when it comes to The Big Taste only dates back to December, when I had to pass on an annual pre-Christmas…


Photographers with Benefits

No barriers access to 5 days of mesmerizing Beakerhead events is the primary reason I volunteer with the Beakerhead photo crew. A less obvious benefit is insider access – the chance to photograph places that are off limits to the general public, to preview events and to attend relevant photography workshops.

I took advantage of several such insider benefits in the run up to Beakerhead 2015. I hope sharing some highlights will help me cope with my ongoing Beakerhead withdrawal symptoms!


Beakerhead – My Sophomore Experience

My first year as a member of the Beakerhead photo team was such an amazing experience that Beakerhead 2014 hadn’t even ended before I decided I’d volunteer again this year. The first meeting of potential members of the 2015 photo crew took place way back in February. Three things became obvious over the course of…