Smileys don’t always = “Found it” logs

We’ve enjoyed three smileys this week, without having found a single geocache!

First off, just as we started to fear our Wagon Wheels cache grew legs and walked away for the second time, incoming messages to our geocaching email account included a few "found it" logs. This made us smile for two reasons: no need to go on a maintenance run and one of not very many downtown caches continues to be available to (business) visitors to Calgary. Even though it’s a nano, it’s hidden in a nice spot and travellers staying in downtown Calgary always seem to appreciate that it’s there for them to find.

Second, while searching the back seat of the cachemobile for something else, Mrs. GeoK spotted something strange between the seats and ended up fishing out a travel bug we picked up in Idaho in early July (on our way to Geowoodstock) but then misplaced. We’re glad the travel bug owner never took us up on the offer to release a replacement Cachekinz, ’cause now we can get the original one moving again.

And finally, after more than 2 weeks of grey skies, drizzle and cool temperatures, the sun has decided to come out to bless us with a bit of late summer for the next week or 10 days. The fall colours look beautiful against clear blue skies…

The lagoon at Princes Island Park, downtown Calgary

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