Urban Poling

I had mixed thoughts about urban poling before I gave it a try. The main benefit for someone like me is that using poles while walking significantly UPs the exercise intensity. And while I'm not willing to invest in a pair of urban poles just yet, I am open to the idea. So how will I finally make my decision? I'm planning to borrow a pair for a few weeks, to see how urban poles fit with my long-standing habit of turning every walk into a photo walk. An extended trial will give me a good feel for how easy it is to keep track of 3 things (2 poles + 1 camera) or whether I'd be happy shifting the focus of my walks away from photography to more of an aerobic exercise.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Rule of Thirds (August 2015)

Instead of the usual subject-oriented theme, this month our organizer challenged us to compose five images keeping the Rule of Thirds in mind. I've been concentrating on leading lines and clean edges in my photographs lately, so this was a good reminder to keep all the "rules" of composition in mind when composing shots. I …

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