Hiking Yoho NP – Lake O’Hara Golden Larch

Despite the mist, rain, sleet and snow pellets, it was definitely worth hiking at Lake O'Hara during golden larch season and we hope to do it again (in better weather) some time over the next few years. On the advice of Parks Canada staff, we covered about 9 km, hiking up the Lake Oesa trail, across the Yukness Ledges and then - after a bit of time exploring the Opabin Plateau - down East Opabin trail.


Hiking Yoho National Park – Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit

Three things distinguish the Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit from other spectacular hikes found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains: Altogether, the various segments of the Alpine Circuit lead to, pass by or incorporate scenic viewpoints overlooking almost a dozen turquoise mountain lakes. It offers hikers the flexibility to complete the Alpine Circuit in small sections, linking …

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