Hiking Yoho National Park – Lake McArthur, Odaray Highline and Odaray Grandview Prospect

This limited access area of Yoho National Park is named for Lake O'Hara. But Lake McArthur, situated in a hanging valley surrounded on three sides by Schaffer Ridge, Mount Biddle and Park Mountain, is roughly twice the size of Lake O'Hara, and definitely worth a visit.


Hiking Yoho National Park – Lake O’Hara

A secluded alpine valley dotted with beautiful turquoise lakes all connected by creeks, waterfalls and more than 80 km of trails, the Lake O’Hara region of Yoho National Park is a hiker’s paradise. BUT…Parks Canada restricts road access to Lake O’Hara, so getting there can be a challenge. Since the mid-1970s Parks Canada has limited…