Photo Blogging Challenge – Your World (April 2020)

To a greater or lesser degree, COVID-19 has triggered change for pretty much everyone. Since we've been working (and working out) from home for well over 10 years now, we're coping with fewer changes to our world than many people are: mostly lower level challenges, like figuring out how to order groceries for pick-up when then next pick-up window is 10 days to 2 weeks out, how best to support elderly neighbours and extended family members, adjusting to virtual choir rehearsals and wondering what the 2020 hiking/biking season will look like.


Photo Blogging Challenge – Vibrant (April 2016)

My first thought on learning April's theme? This should be easy! Photograph five colourful things and it's done. My second thought? Don't push the vibrance and saturation sliders way to the right! After consulting the dictionary and spending another few days pondering, I concluded that vibrant doesn't have to mean colourful, so I put together …

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