American Magpie

Nearby Nature – July 2015

One nearby nature practice that I've developed over the past few years is to walk to the nearest grocery store and/or nearest branch of the Calgary public library several times each week. I can get there and back in about 30 minutes (depending on the length of the self checkout line). As I walk, I observe the state of the cultivated and wild flowers, birds, ants, the sky, the colour and length of the grass and whether it's going to seed, the way shadows fall, and anything else that catches my attention.

Our 2012 backyard garden, mid-July

Book Review: Digging the City by Rhona McAdam

Like other titles in the very readable manifesto series published by Rocky Mountain Books, Digging the City is an eye-catching, brain-expanding, well-balanced read. The description of our global, price-driven, nutrient-poor, energy-intensive food industry could be overwhelmingly depressing, but Rhona McAdam carefully outlines steps each of us can take to improve food safety and security. Citing …

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