Photo Blogging Challenge – Selfie (September 2017)

As of August 2017, humans take somewhere around 93 million selfies per day. The average millenial will take more than 25,000 selfies in his/her lifetime. I'm definitely not a millenial, and if there's a trick to taking flattering selfies, I haven't figured it out; a phone camera lens in close proximity to my already angular face is not a recipe for success. So I generally turn my back on the whole idea of selfies. So in the spirit of the photo blogging challenge, I got creative and used some old school methods to craft a handful of self-portraits for September.

Hiking Kananaskis Country – Grizzly Col

One of our favourite hiking destinations is the Highwood Pass area in Kananaskis Country. Located in the heart of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, one of the jewels of the approximately 4,200 square km that make up Kananaskis Country, Highwood pass is the highest paved road in Canada, topping out at 2230 m. It's closed from …

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