Beakerhead Photo Crew

Just as Calgary's annual smash up of science, engineering and art changes it up every year, so too does the Beakerhead photo crew. For the third year in a row, I put up my hand to serve as a member of the photo crew. Throughout a series of workshops, special events hosted by amazing Beakerhead community partners and 5 days of fantastic (and mostly free) Beakerhead events, I enjoyed working with other members of the talented, supportive, creative and collaborative photo crew as we met the challenge of capturing all that is amazing and inspiring about Beakerhead.


Beakerhead – My Sophomore Experience

My first year as a member of the Beakerhead photo team was such an amazing experience that Beakerhead 2014 hadn't even ended before I decided I'd volunteer again this year. The first meeting of potential members of the 2015 photo crew took place way back in February. Three things became obvious over the course of…