Photo Blogging Challenge – My Town (September 2016)

We split our time between Calgary and Canmore, so the big decision I had to make was which one to showcase in this month's post. I decided on Calgary for a few reasons: 1) we live here about three-quarters of the time; 2) I routinely showcase the mountain landscapes around Canmore in PBC posts, so it's Calgary's turn; and 3) Beakerhead comes to Calgary in September, so there are some pretty cool things to photograph here in YYC.


My On-Going Exploration of Public Art

My ongoing exploration of Calgary public art is a relatively new thing, prompted primarily by my stint as a Beakerhead volunteer photographer. I'm finding it's enjoyable, fuels my creative spirit and is helping me discover some of downtown Calgary's hidden gems. When it comes to planning my Wednesday art walks, weather is irrelevant. On bad …

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