Events coming up

We’re looking forward to a few events coming up in the next 6 weeks or so, starting with 2008 Geocacher’s Breakfast this coming Sunday. When we attended this event last January, it was only the second or third event we’d ever attended. Breakfast was great, with lots of opportunities to check out geocoins and travel bugs and to meet local area cachers. After we finished eating, we headed out for a great day of geocaching around Cochrane.
I don’t think we’ll join the crowd at Brown Lowery Provincial Park on Saturday, as we cleaned it out last year. Maybe we’ll team up with Sears Tower to do some caching in north Calgary instead.
Next up is Pizza and Beer a monthly eat, meet and greet organized by One Bad Ant.
Finally, on March 8 we’re looking forward to joining the 24 hour geocaching marathon as Shearzone hosts Calgary’s first ever Cache and Release event. Hopefully Calgary will have several new, non-micro caches coming out of this event. Mr. and Mrs. GeoK have started thinking about possible new hides and have at least 3 in mind already.
Thanks to all the event organizers. Guess we’d better get over and submit our "will attend" logs!

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