Calgary Area Cachers Spring 2008 CITO Event

Once again, peanutbutterbreadandjam and family did an outstanding job organizing the Calgary Area Cachers spring 2008 CITO event. The City of Calgary invited us for a return visit to Edworthy Park and more than 100 people showed up to clean the park. The group didn’t collect as much trash as last year, but still made a pretty decent haul including 3 or 4 mattresses, about a dozen tires, the usual shopping carts, old bikes, bottles & cans, etc. We really enjoyed hearing all the stories about the strangest garbage collected.
For our part, K found a decapitated plush bunny head, we hauled out 8 tires and we found a pair of overalls stuffed with pea gravel that looked a bit like a dead body…spooky!

2008 Spring CITO-1090
2008 Spring CITO-1091

The potluck luncheon afterwards was outstanding and we had lots of time to visit with geocachers before the prizes were awarded. Mrs. GeoK won a Mec slingpack filled with goodies for “heaviest trash recovered by an adult” (4 tires recovered all at once, as they were chained together) and youngest GeoKid won a Telus shoulder pack filled with more goodies for “weirdest trash” (the plush bunny head).
Altogether, we had an very enjoyable (and very dirty) time.

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