World Wide Flash Mob III

In early 2007, iTrax and Foxtail (aka Sonny & Sandy of the Podcacher podcast came up with the idea for a World Wide Flash Mob geocaching event. A "flash mob" is is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse. 
The first WWFM consisted of 20 time-coordinated events at various locations, mostly in the U.S. Over a thousand people attended in aggregate. We joined the band-wagon and co-hosted an event for WWFM II in Nov 2007 which saw 4300 people attend 83 events. And now, after a little prompting from local geocachers, we’ve decided to go ahead and host a Calgary event  for WWFM III. In order to be time-coordinated with the other events, ours will be at 11:00 am MDT on Saturday, May 10th and we’ve planned this one for Pearce Estate Park. We’re hoping attendees stick around for a "bring your own food" picnic afterwards.
We’re also working on a couple of new geocaches which should be "ready to hunt" right after the event. We have both caches written up and ready for submission in the next couple of days, with a request to hold publication until noon on May 10th. We’re planning on giving the coordinates as draw prizes to two attendees, which hopefully translates into FTF bragging rights. There are already 3 geocaches within comfortable walking distance of the event and we have a couple more things in the works, including a possible "brass cap" and some new waymarks.
Stay tuned for futher developments… 

We appreciate comments, questions & suggestions. If we're slow to respond, please be patient. We're probably out adventuring!

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