Personal Geocoin Progress

Old Man Winter seems especially reluctant to leave Calgary this year, so we’ve enjoyed his company (and fresh snow fall) every day for the past week (until today). With so much white stuff providing extra camo/cover for geocaches, we haven’t been out collecting many "found its" lately. Mr. GeoK did make it to GC1B3KP "Pizza and Beer" on Thursday night, where he got some advice on metal detectors, managed to hear an interesting tidbit or two about a couple of elusive geocaches, and set a tentative date to go hiking with Sleepy_hollow.
We took advantage of being stuck indoors by making some progress on our personal geocoin. Helen and Chris at Landsharkz sent draft 2 of the artwork late last week and we’re really pleased with how it’s coming together. The front of the coin looks great! The second version of the obverse way closer to what we were hoping for, but it’s not quite there yet. After some discussion, doodling and debating we sent off our detailed remarks, which include requests to shift the placement of some design elements, to add a bit more detail to some others and to add a few new elements – related to Lego!
We figure we’re about 80 to 90% of the way there, close enough that we can start giving some thought to colours and finishes….decisions, decisions! And C’s already reminded us a couple of times that we need to be sure we have a "limited edition" version! I wonder if it’s realistic to hope that the artwork goes off to the mint by the end of May?

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