# 1600 for Mother’s Day

Mr. GeoK got up bright and early this morning, leaving Mrs. GeoK to have a bit of a sleep in and then enjoy some time with the GeoKids. He headed back to the Fish Creek Park area, a bit west of where we were geocaching on Saturday, but still not in West FCP.
Between a few drive-ups on the way there and then several more while geobiking in the park, managed to bring our cumulative number of finds up to 1601. GC1B1JD – Whistle While You Work was #1600. The cache write-up reads, in part, "Do you live to work, or work to live? Whether good or bad, work is an integral part of most people’s lives. I decided to plant this cache close to my place of work…the fact that you are geocaching and getting outdoors says to me that you appreciate keeping priorities in life and striving to achieve balance between work and lifestyle." Yet another positive thing about geocaching!
In addition to reaching milestone #1600, Mr. GeoK stopped in to do a little grocery shopping on his way home and then cooked up an excellent brunch. Mrs. GeoK enjoyed a great Mother’s Day. Smile

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