WWFM III – The DHARMA Initiative

The weather cooperated, picnic area #1 was available for use before / after the event and we had a turnout of 70 people for this event. We are really glad we had the picnic area nearby, as it allowed us to visit with lots of geocachers both before and after the event. We didn’t leave Pearce Estate Park until after 12:30, more than an hour after the event ended.
The GeoKids did an excellent job with event photography and you can see the photoset at flickr. We even managed to post an "official" event photo this time. Oldest Geokid used the timer on his camera and made it into the picture, but youngest GeoKid is nowhere to be found ’cause he was still videotaping the event!!
Things that went well, and that we need to remember for next time: the nearby picnic area, the new hides in the area, the "theme", asking people to bring their own logsheets (be sure to post photos of some of the best ones on the next event page, to "raise the bar"), Timbits for the event meal, a location easily accessed from the bike paths, lots of volunteers to help at the event. 
What didn’t go so well: staying on schedule. We had so many prizes that we just couldn’t get through them all. Next time, allow at more time for prize draws (5 minutes or more, depending on the number of prizes).
We managed to get some geocaching in at Fish Creek Park after the event, picking up another dozen finds, including a brass cap. Spotted this deer in the park…

Fish Creek Deer-1266

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