Personal Geocoin Update

Well, our design is finalized, the technical issues have been addressed and we finally have a quote re: the cost. Now we’re waiting to see the artwork from the mint. We’re assuming Landsharkz is pushing the mint a little, as we’ve not heard anything about the artwork since the colours were tweaked a little on Wednesday. We’re really hoping to hear and see something by the end of June. We’re also really interested in the timeline from here on out, as we’ve booked our flights and accomodation to attend GC17PMY – Rendez-vous Quebec 2008 the first weekend in August and in an ideal world we’d have our geocoins on hand for trading.
A couple of other notes: we’ve just packaged up a geocoin trade that contains our 100th traded geocoin, all since the first of this year. We had no idea trading geocoins could take so much time (and postage too)! And finally, we’ve submitted a design for yet another pathtag, this one based on the Alberta flag. Now we cover the whole range: the earth, Canada, Alberta and Calgary!

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