Geocache Maintenance Run

On Wednesday, Mrs. GeoK went on a half-day cache maintenance run in west Calgary. I checked three GeoKs’ hides; Lego Minifig Exchange and Two Treasures were in great shape but the informational rocks were missing at the first waypoint for Patterson Viewpoint. Since there have been a few comments about the accuracy of the posted coordinates, I took the opportunity to average another 75 waypoints and update the cache coordinates, as well. I need to gather up a few new rocks and should have this one back in business by Monday at the latest.
This morning, Mr. GeoK stopped in to check on Kojafa, as there was a recent DNF log; that one is also in fine shape, with room for several more signatures.
We’re just about ready to push the "publish" button on 3 new geocaches in west Calgary and then we’ll have fun watching the logs. They’re reasonably difficult hides, so we expect some DNFs on these ones.

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