Hiking Kananaskis Country – The best laid plans….

The GeoKids started a four day weekend on Friday, August 29th, so we packed up and headed to K-country to hike up Mt. Lipsett. Between our failure to find the trailhead (despite a half hour of fruitless searching) and the (at times) persistent rain, we ended up abandonning our hiking plans in favour of a leisurely drive back to Calgary with just a few stops enroute for geocaching.
Our first geocaching stop was at El Cacholoco’s King Creek Cliff Cache. Between failure to read the cache description and signal bounce, what should have been a 15-20 minute adventure stretched out to an hour. In the meantime the GeoKids ate lunch and tossed a stick around in the parking lot. Mrs. GeoK took LOTS of wildflower (or is that weed) photos and both Mr. and Mrs. GeoK ended up stepping in the creek!

King Creek-
King Creek-2472
King Creek-2474
King Creek-2479

We found 3 more geocaches before we left K-country, our favourite being Shigman’s new hide at Wedge Pond, where we were second to find. The rain kept starting and stopping, so the roads were quiet despite the fact that it was the start of the long weekend. And yes, we are planning a return trip to attempt Mt. Lipsett – we’ll do a little more reading & research before we head out again, as we’re determined to locate the trailhead next time!

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