2000 finds, new personal best day of caching

When we got back from K-country Friday afternoon, Mrs. GeoK got right to work solving puzzles; there were more than 40 puzzle caches published for the Calgary Cache and Release Summer 2008 geocaching event and we didn’t expect we’d get any geocaching in on Friday night but we wanted to maximize the number of possible CCARS08 caches we might be able to find on Saturday. By 8:30 or so, she’d solved all but 2 puzzles and decided to call it quits. Including traditional and multi-caches we had 56 CCARS08 caches to seek.2000 finds milestone-2222
2000 finds milestone-2223
2000 finds milestone-2492
2000 finds milestone-2497
2000 finds milestone-2498

Saturday morning, after fueling up on home made muffins, the GeoKs decided to divide and conquer. Mr. GeoK and oldest GeoKid took on central Calgary – south of the Bow, north of Glenmore trail, east of Crowchild and west of Deerfoot. Meanwhile Mrs. GeoK and youngest GeoKid had a much shorter – but more widespread – target list. They found their first cache a few minutes after 9:30 and by 12:30 returned home with 8 caches found, including Calgary History Tour – Bonus Cache as our 2000th find!! Mr. GeoK and oldest GeoKid bagged 22 finds before arriving back home around 1:30.

After a quick lunch break, we dropped the GeoKids off at Sears Tower’s house for an afternoon of fun with the junior Sears Towers while Sears Tower joined Mr. and Mrs. GeoK for some more geocaching. By the time we arrived at Nick’s for the event wrap-up dinner, we logged a total of 45 geocaches in just 8 hours (which included a lunch break). This is a new all-time personal best number of caches found in a single day, surpassing the 40 geocaches we found on April 1, 2008 while geocaching in Palm Springs.

We’re still working on logging all our finds and still need to vote on our favourite hide, favourite photo taken during the event, etc. We didn’t participate in the hiding portion of this Cache and Release event, but we probably enjoyed it a lot more than the last one. And the turnout at the wrap-up dinner was fantastic, with somewhere around 60 to 70 geocachers in attendance. Wonder when the next one is?