Stash n’ Dash and Leap Frog

One day last week Mrs. GeoK had the bright idea that we should go through every room in the house to round up items for a garage sale, for recycling or for the dump. As a result, we haven’t had much time for geocaching lately. Even so, we managed to find GCA0D6 Stash n’ Dash and GC4411 LEAP FROG. These are unique, "grandfathered" moving caches, so after you find them you have to choose a new hiding spot and post the new coordinates in your log entry. Stash n’ Dash is a traditional cache and we’ve found it once before. LEAP FROG is a multi-cache and this was our first time finding it. The photo above shows a nice view near the new hiding spot for the second / final stage of LEAP FROG.
Mr. GeoK also logged a baker’s dozen caches over the past week, generally quick finds while out running errands. He’s also hard at work on another unique hide.
One other geocaching item of note this week: we adopted two geocaches from nicolo, who has moved to Arizona. One of the caches appears to be in the middle of the recently flooded Elbow River and the other is at the top of a mountain near a fire lookout in Kananaskis. We have some maintenance work to do on the first cache ASAP.
Looking to the west, we can already see snow on the Rockies. We’ll be wearing our Gortex-lined boots and taking gaters along on our fall hikes!

Early September Snow-2518