Geocaching in Banff

Last Friday we headed west to Lake Louise for our fourth year participating in Ski for Heart. Since we started geocaching in July 2006, we’d never been back to Banff where there are 3 earthcaches, 3 brass caps and a few grandfathered traditional caches. We planned to go for all 3 brass caps and a couple of the caches, but it didn’t turn out as planned.

Our first stop was up the Tunnel Mountain road, to search for Brass Cap 100. Our GPSr zero’d out in the middle of a juniper bush poking up out of very deep snow. Our metal detector beeped several times, but since we forgot to bring a shovel we soon gave up on pawing through the snow and headed to a small viewpoint about 150 meters away. The overlook was the vantage point from which to make the necessary observations to log GC16HAZ – Limestone Hoodoos in Banff (see photo). The wind was howling, so Mrs. GeoKs’ fingers were freezing up, even in gloves, so it was a short visit. On warmer days, this would be a great place to take some telephoto shots of the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel.

Our second stop was in downtown Banff, where we successfully located GCCFCF Jacoba’s Banff Cache, which has been adopted by BVPete. Thank goodness we found that one, as we soon gave up on the possibility of locating Brass Cap 016.

It’s safe to say that our 50% success rate, combined with five other caches we didn’t even try for, means we’ll be headed back to Banff at a future date for some more geocaching. Here’s hoping we have better luck next time ; )

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