Recording audio for Podcacher and working on puzzles

We spent a few hours this afternoon planning, recording, editing and submitting some audio for Podcacher, a podcast all about geocaching. Last August we recorded some interviews at Rendezvous Quebec 2008, also for Podcacher. Today’s audio relates to a geohiking contest we sponsored for Podcacher. We gave a bit of background about how we got into hiking, described a few of our favourite hikes, talked about the design of our "Highwood Pass" geocoin and announced the winners of the geohiking contest. We’ve got our fingers crossed that at least some of what we had to say will make it into Podcacher episode 200, which should hit the feeds on Monday, January 19th!

Also taking up a couple hours of our day are two unsolved puzzle caches in the Cochrane area. DanOCan is hosting GC1JB42 2009 Geocacher Breakfast in Cochrane next Saturday, and we’d really like to solve these puzzles before we drive out there. If we succeed, depending on snow cover and other weather conditions, we’d have up to eight potential finds while in Cochrane. Environment Canada is forecasting daytime highs above zero for the next four days, which should go along way toward melting snow cover. But, it also could make for very muddy, sloppy conditions. Guess we’ll just have to see as the week progresses. Meanwhile, back to those puzzles…

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