Spring Break – Day 7

Today was another relaxing day, just about the same as yesterday….we did a little shopping in the morning, ate lunch out and then didd some geocaching before we came back to our rental villa to swim, eat a picnic supper and enjoy a movie.

The boys spent quite a bit of time and energy perfecting their jumps into the pool. C makes a pretty good cannon ball and K sprays quite a bit of water with the belly flop or “Thor’s hammer”. This afternoon K’s back was hurting after he got out of the pool. He has some sort of rash – maybe heat rash or ???.

We found 49 caches over the two days, including some amazing hides placed by the Wheeler Dealers, a couple from Palm Springs; they’ve hidden an impressive 1,044 geocaches and we love their creativity. Unfortunately, many of their hides wouldn’t transplant very well in Calgary, as we have too much snow and sub-zero temperatures to contend with. But we’ve seen one or two ideas that we might be able to apply in the Calgary area.

C says he’s ready to head home, but the rest of us would be happy to stay in Palm Springs for at least a few more days, especially since the weather forecast for Calgary says it’s still COLD there, with daytime highs around 39 F / 3 C. There’s even a slight chance of snow.

We need to find at least one more cache tomorrow, as we have to leave a racing travel bug here. We’ll use GSAK to focus our caching efforts, as there are so many micros here that the odds of finding one on aren’t very good unless you plan for it. The quality of micro hides is generally quite a bit better than the ones in Calgary, though. We’ve really been enjoying the hunts.

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