Arethusa Adventure (Aug 30)

Sunday was a beautiful late summer day, perfect for leading two other (fairly new to geocaching) families along the 5 km loop at Arethusa Cirque in the Highwood Pass area of Kananaskis Country. With six adults and seven youngsters between the ages of 4 and 13 in the group, there was a very broad range of hiking experience and capability. We kept up a slow but steady pace, stopping several times to search for caches in our GC1E8Y3 Arethusa Adventure series, check out fossils spotted along the trail, enjoy the views, and snap photos.

C & K wait on the main trail while the rest of us search for the first stage of the multi-cache.


Well-preserved end section of a horn coral fossil

This small chunk of rock contains many horn coral fossils

C used the timer feature on his Canon G9 to snap this group photo at our lunch stop

K led the way across a wide scree section enroute to the third stage of our multi-cache

The boys reached stage 3 first and undertook a group search for the cache container

While we paused at stage 3 to enjoy snacks, we were visited by a few of the 30+ Rocky Mountain sheep we spotted on the hillsides


After managing the steep descent, we all congregated at the creek crossing to see who had the best balance
We were back in the parking area by about 2:30 pm, 4 hours after we started along the trail. We checked on all 5 of our geocaches hidden along this loop and enjoyed magnificent scenery, a fairly close encounter with Rocky Mountain sheep, and good company throughout the adventure. Some of the younger kids needed a little help on a couple of steep sections, but otherwise they did really well, leading the way for much of the day and enjoying the great outdoors.

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