Photo Essay: Summer Sunsets

With the massive snowfall that hit Calgary earlier this week, it seems like summer’s pretty much over (despite what the calendar says). Among other things, that means it’s time to put together a selection of summer sunsets to share…

Early evening storms added drama to the few sunsets we watched from west Calgary over the summer break. I took full advantage of the roof over our back deck to keep my camera dry.

Because of the surrounding mountains, the sun seems to go down more abruptly in Canmore, so amazing sunsets only happen when there’s a lot of cloud in the sky to reflect the bent rays of sunlight. One evening the sky was so inspiring that I slipped a pair of Crocs on my bare feet and rushed out the back door. Sprinting in Crocs is not easy! But a wobbly stride paid off with about 10 minutes of crazy coloured clouds. Another evening I was out on my bike doing some geocache maintenance when the sky lit up with colour. I ended up chasing the sunset for about 15 minutes before it sank down into the Spray Valley between Ha Ling and Mount Rundle.

Do you make a habit of looking back through your photographs at certain times of the year? What are you looking for? Feel free to share a link to your website, an album or a blog post. I’m always on the lookout for new ways of curating and reflecting on photography.

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