Grand Teton National Park (Oct 15)

We traversed the Great Divide three times today, but fortuantely road conditions were much improved from yesterday and we saw no more vehicles in the ditches. Regretably, though, the clouds were so heavy and so low that we caught no more than a glimpse or two of the Grand Teton mountains.

Near the Lewis Bridge in South Yellowstone

Jackson Lake from Lunch Tree Hill

Cloud shrouded Grand Teton range

Creekside stop near Moose, WY

One thought on “Grand Teton National Park (Oct 15)

  1. Wade

    Even on a cloudy day this area lifts my spirits. I usually see the Tetons from the Idaho side, (I am there more often) but any day that the clouds don\’t cover the peaks is a special day. They are amazing mountains!

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