Geocoin Madness

It’s been almost three months since I last updated our geocoin inventory on The GeoCoin Collecting Trading Gallery. And since those three months include early October, the date of this year’s Geocoinfest in Salt Lake City, I had well over 100 geocoins to inventory and catalogue.
The first challenge was figuring out the name of all the coins. Between The GeoCoin Collecting Trading Gallery and I managed to determine the proper names for all but two geocoins. Just in case you know a lot about geocoins, here are my two mystery coins:

In the next couple days, I’ll post this photo in the geocoin forums on the geocaching website and I’m sure someone will be able to help me out.

Since not every coin is listed on the The GeoCoin Collecting Trading Gallery website, I also keep an Excel workbook where I list all my coins: keepers (activated); keepers (not activated); traders and non-trackables. As a result, I had to add every new coin to my Excel workbook as well as updating my online listings.

The next step was to add the actual coins to my storage bins and binders. Since I try to store my coins in alphabetical order, this meant reorganizing pretty well all of my bins, so I took advantage of the fact that I was going through them all to cross-check the actual coins against the Excel workbook and, with one exception, I found I had all the coins I expected to have plus a few missing entries from my Excel workbook!

Anyhow, after about 5 hours of sorting coins today (and about the same amount of time updating databases a couple weeks ago), I’ve finally got my geocoin collection in pretty good shape. One thing I noticed is that my traders bin is absolutely full. I take that to mean that I should be more actively seeking trades, so that I can thin it out a little. Also, I think the 5th International Math Trade is coming up, another good opportunity to trade away some coins.

And finally, we’ve started playing around with an idea for the next GeoKs’ personal geocoin. As far as timing goes, it would be great to have a new coin in hand if we go to Geowoodstock VIII in early July. Based on past experience, that means we’d better get focussed so we can get some artwork going by February or so!

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