Pathtags – Birding Club

It’s been a slow geocaching year so far…we’ve found maybe half-a-dozen geocaches since October! That’s the way it seems to go with this game, though – sometimes you rack up the numbers and some months other aspects of life take over and you have no time (or interest) for hitting the trails in search of hidden containers.

But there are a few things related to geocaching that we’ve stayed active with: geocoin trading, working with Landsharkz on a new personal geocoin design and pathtags trading. For those not yet familiar with this relatively inexpensive geocaching signature item, pathtags are about the size of a quarter and feature your custom design on one side and a design number (for logging on the Pathtags website) on the reverse. We leave some of our pathtags in geocaches we find, especially when we’re on vacation or when we really like the hide. Another aspect to pathtags is the very active trading community. Trading is facilitated by extensive features on the Pathtags website. Youngest GeoKid and Mrs. GeoK joined the birding club, which was started up by another Alberta geocacher. We finally received our pathtag shipments in this week’s mail and packaged up 35 to send off to other members of the birding club. We’re really enjoying all the other birds landing in our mailbox. Youngest GeoKid is especially excited, as this is his first experience trading pathtags. Thanks to all the members of the Pathtags community who’ve made him feel so welcome.

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